About Us

On Fleak Productions

On Fleak Productions is the brain child of Tony J Fyler and Andrew Creak, the name comes from a combination of their last names Fl from Fyler and eak from Creak, this is also taking the mick out of the popular saying, on fleak meaning something looks amazing.

Producers & Head Writers

Andrew Creak


Andrew is a 20 year old queer person born and raised in the valleys of south wales. Andrew became an instant whovian from the first time they watched Doctor Who back in 2005. Since then Andrew has developed an interest in the media, both in front and behind the camera (or microphone as it were) and has always dreamed of releasing his own audio dramas and web dramas.

Tony Fyler

Tony is a proffesional editor based in South Wales. He co-founded On Fleak Productions after getting in touch with Andrew after they were looking for script writers. He is the co-producer alongside Andrew and also works as the On Fleak in house Script editor.