Coming Soon – The Missy Adventures : Queen of Evil

Trap, kidnap, devious plan of some sort, probably intended to wipe us out.

“Because fanboys aren’t stupid. This nutball’s probably got better memories of our careers of evil than we have, and he’s got a Sontaran, a Verlekki and a Time Lady trapped in a labyrinth. He’s not going to leave us with the lift we came down on, is he? That’d be a shortcut to having fewer heads than are optimal, and besides, where would be the fun? Now really, if you want to be alive much longer, step off the podium.”

Mantis six, home of this year’s chao-con, the comic-con for the evil lovers of the universe. Missy is the headlining guest, but little does she know that the whole con is one big trap to kill off the headliners one by one.

Written by Tony Fyler, The Missy Adventures lets us see into the world of The Mistress when the Doctor isn’t around to keep her in check. The adventure was produced and edited by Andrew Creak.

“I cosplay as Missy when I attend Doctor Who events and comic cons, and this got Tony thinking, What if missy was a guest at a comic con type event for villans? And thus the idea for this story was born.”

Starring Niki McGrane as Missy, Christopher Thompson as Stank the Sontaran, Rebecca Adams as Shakal, Brittany Tenhage as Esta, Andrew Creak as the Infestation, and Warren English as Compere. Other roles played by the cast.


Listen to the previous adventure now!


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