The Missy Adventures: Girl Talk – OUT NOW!

killing a family line is sort of Time Lady knitting.

“We’re all born screaming, we all die screaming. Or silent in a universe supremely indifferent to our dispersing molecules, but mostly, in my experience, screaming. That’s not what’s different about me. Not what’s interesting.”

Missy is a prisoner of the Mouse Trap, located on the event horizon of a white hole. But she has made a decision, one she is willing to share with her guard, as well as the story of how she became the Mistress.

Written by Tony Fyler, The Missy Adventures lets us see into the world of The Mistress when the Doctor isn’t around to keep her in check. The adventure was produced and edited by Andrew Creak.

“We loved Niki playing Missy in our debut audio, (Gallifrey Reborn) and we wanted to work with her more.” Said co-producer Andrew Creak “And when Tony (Fyler) suggested that we made a spin off for Missy I was hooked!”

Starring Niki McGrane as Missy, and Cliff Chapman as The Guard.

Guest staring Katie Louise Brock, Micky Wildman, Andrew Creak, Josh Coy, Graham Bowers, and Richard Walters.

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You can listen to the full audio here, or alternatively you can download the audio from our bandcamp site for free at the link above.

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