The Missy Adventures – New Audio Drama Series

Peoples of the universe, please attend carefully… Missy is back, and with her own spin off!
Today On Fleak Productions can announce the return of Niki McGrane as Missy, in our brand new audio series “The Missy Adventures”

“We loved Niki playing Missy in our debut audio, (Gallifrey Reborn) and we wanted to work with her more.” Said co-producer Andrew Creak “And when Tony (Fyler) suggested that we made a spin off for Missy I was hooked!”

The series is the brain child of our very own Tony Fyler, who also penned all four episodes of series one. Fyler said “The moment I first heard Niki portraying Missy I believed her character instantly. She may not sound like Michelle Gomez, but she has Missy down to a T, you almost forget she has the wrong accent while listening to her, she is truly amazing!”

The Missy Adventures follows the exploits of the Doctor’s arch-enemy while the Doctor isn’t there to protect the universe from Missy’s mischief. featuring four stories from acclaimed writer Tony Fyler, Sound Design by Andrew Creak, and Graphic Design by our new member to the On Fleak team Marshall Tankersley.

1. Girl Talk by Tony Fyler

2. Queen of Evil by Tony Fyler

3. Silence of the Drums by Tony Fyler

The Mistress will be returning to bring destruction to the Universe in December this year, and will be available to listen and download for free from our Bandcamp site.

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